Author of God.com Calls Readers to Take a Road Trip--with God

Like its candid, compelling, and popular predecessor, God.com, God.net: The Journey Beyond Belief issues a call to believers for radical living in the care of a loving God. Again James Alexander Langteaux writes in a powerful, poetic style, this time to invite readers on an amazing adventure: a 24/7 "road trip" with the God they are passionate about serving.

As they travel, readers will learn startling lessons in the "deserts of the real"-the hard patches in life that ignite new insights about God-discover how to put into practice the freedom principles presented in God.com, and understand how to fulfill the Great Commission as fishers of men, using this "net" as a powerful tool for lifestyle evangelism.

Langteaux notes, "In The Alchemist there is a line: 'When you pursue your destiny, all the universe conspires to help you.' I believe that when you pursue your calling or purpose, the Creator of the universe conspires to help you." Yet another "dangerous" book whose content is sure to stir a response, God.net is an exciting manual for believers who are ready for more: more liberty, more power, more soul-winning, and more rest-the peace that comes only from living beyond belief.

About the Author

James Alexander Langteaux teaches media-related courses at Azusa Pacific University. He is a freelance director-producer specializing in new program development. Langteaux's honors include a Golden Rose of Montreux for Best Human Values for his television program The Rest and an Emmy nomination for the NBC ministries A Woman Named Jackie.

"Writing God.com changed my life. I know that He chose his fallen son to write from a broken perspective about a God who loves the unlovable and heals the broken and ruined," says Langteaux.

Currently living and working in Los Angeles, where he inhabits a rooftop apartment, the youthful author enjoys snowboarding, weight lifting, windsurfing, horseback riding, hiking, water-skiing, and talking about Christ with "all whom He allows me to encounter?whatever, whenever, and however-for real."

Several months ago, Longteaux felt led to pray for the Muslims in Indonesia. The next day copies of his book God.com written in Indonesian were left on his doorstep