Michael Ray Fisher, Christian Recording Artist
by Sara Paine

There was excitement in the air at a recent Michael Fisher's concert in Vermilion. Michael was the guest singer during a week of revival at the Lakeview Baptist Church pastored by Rev. Guy Morton.

To hear Michael sing is to be swept into heaven. He makes you feel that you are in the company of angels. Michael is an absolute rare treat and the experience of hearing him sing in his Tom Jones-esque likeness, is very appealing. Not bad for a boy from Wickliffe, Ohio who originally sang for a rock band in high school because he wanted to impress the girls.

When Michael walks onstage, you know you are in the right place. One smile and you are in the palm of his hand. One word and you are hanging on for more. One song leaves you breathless. It doesn't take much insight to see that Michael and Jesus are best friends. Why? The answer lies in the fact that Michael is alive with the love and joy of Christ which comes through in his music.

God has blessed Michael with a beautiful, resonant, rich voice, natural rythym, songs that flow from heaven and a deep desire to bless others. His voice draws you into the loving reality of God's presence. He sang "Hold On" and "Never Knew Love Could Do So Much" as he shared that despair drove him to do the 6 week Ohio tour. He felt he had been using God for his own selfish purposes, yet he desired to throw himself into God's will and just be a vessel for God's spirit to use. It appears that Michael is succeeding in his quest to let God use him in a sacred, powerful way. Michael sang several annointed songs including "Sheltered in the Arms of God", "Holy Spirit", "Jesus is the Lighthouse", "His Eye is on the Sparrow", "Calvary Road", a song composed by Michael, and "Why So Downcast?" where he lobs Hershey Kisses and bubble gum into the audience for a little light relief. The audience went wild and it felt good to have some good fun and laughter. Even with a sore throat, Michael's smooth voice lifted our spirits into a higher level.

The man, Michael Fisher is God's child and if you have the privilege of being in his presence, you'll find yourself wanting to be God's kid too. It is often those with the greatest annointing that satan, the enemy of our souls, hits hardest. Michael, like the rest of us, has to do battle with the enemy. He is used mightily of God to advance the kingdom.

Michael prays for God to use him in a musical, spiritual, creative way. He is an ordained minister, a terrific gospel singer and a joyous person. It is true what they say, he does remind you of Tom Jones. If you are a pastor or a layman looking for someone to fire up your congegration, Michael is your man. He can sing, he can preach, he can draw a crowd. In a word, he is awesome. Michael has demo tapes free for the asking. He is married, has 2 children and lives in Nashville, TN. To reach Michael, phone 615-374-9752. His heart's desire is to serve and boy can he sing. Sony Records, are you listening