"When parents start to feel as strongly about drugs in schools as they do about asbestos in schools, we'll take a giant step forward."

-Joseph Califano, of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, on a survey in which 60 percent of all teenagers said their school was not drug-free.

"Sending a message that life is something that should be valued and celebrated is something I thought everyone else would agree with."

-South Carolina Lt. Gov. Bob Peeler, on Planned Parenthood's lawsuit to block the state from making available "choose life" license plates, the proceeds from which would go to crisis pregnancy centers in the state.

"Reprinted by permission from WORLD Magazine, Asheville, NC (800) 951.6397."

Christina thinks she is doing something clever, but anyone can strip. I feel sad for her.

-Delcie Fidler, grandmother of teenage pop star Christina Aguilera, explaining why she's bothered by her scantily clad granddaughter's sexually suggestive performances.