June 2002 :: Table of Contents

Top Stories:

» Scientific Evidence Disproves Evolution Theory
» Nation Watches Ohio School Board
» Actress Encourages Women to Break from 'Cultural Bondage'
» Parma and Madison Councilmen Are Ambassadors For Truth
» Healed of HIV After Receiving Prayer
» Ohio's Leaders Promote Prayer, Faith and God
» Police Officer Offered Special Help To Street Hustler
» Properly Prepared For Vacation Time
» The Myth of Separation of Church and State is Exposed by Expert
» Silence of the Shepherd
» Students Singled Out Before Peers for Belief that Homosexuality is Wrong
» Three Critical Minutes
» TV Family Hour Flooded with Sex and Violence
» Florida Family First to Get 'VeriChip' Implant

» News Briefs From Planet Earth
» "Quotable"


» Charles Colson - "It's What the Teacher Wanted": Girls Faith Ridiculed
» Danita Harris - Need a Peace Transfusion
» Ben Kinchlow - When Is a Minl Not a Mile? When Is a Terrorist Not a Terrorist?
» Bill Martin - Headlines From the Front
» Robin Swoboda-Wagner - Evidence Demanding An Intelligent Response


» Straight Talk with Bob Estes, PGA Golfer
» Don Cockroft Knows Second Chances
» Mike Jackson, Minnesota Twins


» Ginny Owens - Something More
» Helen Baylor, Giving God Her All
» The Ministry of Kirk Franklin
» Connection Magazine's Top 20 Picks For June 2002


» Book Review - Letting Go of Fear, Worry and Anxiety
» Movie Review - Spiderman

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