July 2002 :: Table of Contents

Top Stories:

» A Visit To The Holy Land
» Nancy Stafford: In The Presence Of The Beholder
» The Apple of His Eye
» Israel Past - Whose land is it?
» Israel Present - Setting the stage
» Israel Future - Israel's prophetic destiny
» Israel - Our Role - Taking action
» God's Covenant with Israel Still Stands, Baptist Leader Says
» Columbus Businessman Leads Group to Israel
» United Nations Bias Against Israel Is Nothing New
» Jerusalem: A Spiritual Journey Remembering Jesus
» South Carolina Man Launches Unique TV Campaign in Israel
» Tikvat Israel on Cleveland's East Side
» The Middle East Fantasyland
» Report Indicates Saudis Trying PR Approach on U.S.
» War Criminal Demjanjuk Is Just Tip of the Iceberg
» Former Evolutionist Uses Science to Debunk Evolution
» I'm Healed! It's a Miracle!
» Business Proverbs - Mind Your (Business) Manners
» Pastors Should Bone Up on Biblical Prophecy, Baptist Leader Says

» News Briefs From Planet Earth
» "Quotable"


» Charles Colson - What Would Darwin Say About Ohio's I.D. Controversy?
» Danita Harris - Are You Looking For the Good?
» Ben Kinchlow - "The Fourth", Not Just Another American Day
» Bill Martin - What Are You Doing With Your Freedom?
» Robin Swoboda-Wagner - Spending Time With Loved Ones


» David Gossett, PGA Tour
» Conforming to Jesus is the Goal, Husker Coach Says
» Tribe's Shuey is Prepared For Victory


» Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise
» The Katinas - No Compromise
» SONICFLOOd, From Performance to Praise
» Connection Magazine's Top 20 Picks For July 2002


» Book Review - Israel In Crisis: What Lies Ahead?
» Movie Review - Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

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