"I don't have much sympathy for people who couldn't stop whatever happened. I'll take those people who were abused and I'll abuse them myself with a baseball bat. You can quote me on that."

-Catholic priest, Richard Ross of St. Bernards in Joliet, Illinois made these comments to the Joliet-Herald News following news that his brother Anthony, who once served in Joliet, was suspended by the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California, after an allegation that he sexually abused a teenage boy. Reportedly, 25-50 percent of Catholic priests are homosexuals in spite of the fact that the Holy Bible describes homosexuality as sin.

"In every classroom in the state of (California, students are) being taught homosexual propaganda and these other politically correct, post-modern views."

-James Dobson, recommending that parents remove their children from California's public schools.

"No more Masada, fighting to the last man. No more committing suicide. No more being led to our death with no reaction. We are going to react."

-After escorting Connection Magazine Editor, Jon Hanna through Israel's National Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem, Nathan Shapiro described the current resolve of the Jewish people to resist their enemies.

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