David Gossett, PGA Tour

Winner of the 1999 US Amateur Championship finds his swing on and off the course.
by Doug Greengard

David Gossett

In the midst of the great success he was experiencing during his collegiate golf career at the University of Texas, David Gossett discovered that something was missing. It wasn't a technique in his swing that would keep him from winning more titles or keep him from competing at the highest level of golf. No, this was much more serious. "Life was looking good for me," said Gossett, winner of the 1999 U.S. Amateur Championship. "But no matter how much success I had, it just didn't fill the void in my heart. I saw the peace in people's lives who were walking with the Lord and I wanted it."

Through attending on campus meetings for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Champions for Christ, Gossett got what he wanted: the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and the peace and joy that he had long sought after. Raised in a Christian environment, Gossett described himself as someone who 'tried to do the right thing and, by worldly standards, was a good kid.' Coming to an understanding of God's grace (Ephesians 2:8-10) was pivotal. "God is a forgiving God and a loving God and He's always there for us."

Nowadays, the 23-year old Gossett is one of the young, up and coming players on the PGA Tour. After becoming the first player to ever shoot a 59 at Tour Qualifying, Gossett earned his way onto the PGA Tour and during his 2001 rookie season-in just his 11th PGA Tour event-the Germantown, Tennessee resident won the John Deere Classic. He is currently working his way toward the top of the winning list and, more importantly, into a deeper, personal relationship with God. "I'm just so pleased to be out here to have gifts and talents that He's given me and, somehow, use them to His pleasing. My life is in His hands. He's directing my paths (Proverbs 3:5-9) and no matter how much I want to gain control-direct the ship-He's the wind that fills the sail. I'm thankful that Jesus is who He says He is and He is truth and life and it's exciting. I want to work on having that joyful peace that God brings."

Like spending time perfecting his swing at the practice range, Gossett now knows that getting God's fullest means spending time with Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. "The best way I can get close to Him is to spend time in His word," he added. "So much scripture talks about spending time in His word and the more I read the more I sense His presence and there's harmony in my life through my attitudes and actions."

Gossett really is in the swing of things-both on and off the course.

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