Columbus Businessman Leads Group to Israel
The 'trip with a purpose' will take place November 12-21, 2002

Columbus businessman, Frank Nutis, is leading a group to Israel on his 28th trip to the country, for a 10-day tour and dedication ceremony in November 2002. The dedication ceremony, the momentous presentation of two ambulances to Magen David Adom (Israel's Red Cross), is slated to take place during the tour.

Over the past several months, Mr. Nutis has been working steadfast in his efforts to raise funds for the ambulances in demonstrating his solidarity with the people of the region. Hundreds of adults and children in the Central Ohio area have shown their support for Mr. Nutis' fundraising activities, which have included the organization of concerts and involving Christian Churches and Jewish organizations in fundraising events. The trip to Israel in November is the culmination of Mr. Nutis' efforts to raise the consciousness of Americans to become proactive in exemplifying their support of Israel.

According to Mr. Nutis, "This is a trip with a purpose. I have seen the support of the community grow amongst Jews and Christians. We can't stop the terrorists but we can save lives. There is no better way to show support for Israel than to support an organization like Magen David Adom, an organization that repeatedly encourages and supports life. To travel to Israel and dedicate the ambulances is always a privilege, it's the part that bonds us together in, and with, Israel."While Magen David Adom facilitates life-saving strategies for all people in Israel, Mr. Nutis believes that a trip of this nature is sure to encourage interest amongst people of all backgrounds in the United States. The 10-day tour will feature deluxe accommodations throughout the country: 5-star hotels, full days of sightseeing, and special highlighting inclusions accent the exciting program.

For the past 8 years, Mr. Nutis has worked closely with Columbus-based Jerusalem Tours International, a tour operator specializing in trips to Israel and throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Europe. "I am confident that, once again, Jerusalem Tours will meet my high expectations for facilitating our travel plans by taking every little detail and nuance into consideration. There is no doubt that the comprehensive program will include a momentous dedication ceremony in Kfar Saba."

Excitement soars as Mr. Nutis and Jerusalem Tours finalize plans for the trip. The program encompasses sites that appeal to an audience of diverse backgrounds and interests. Religious, biblical, archaeological, historical, and cultural sites are scheduled on the tour. "Surely there is a lot for everyone to see and experience," says Mr. Nutis.

For additional information on the "trip with a purpose," please contact Sara Chai at 1-888-373-8687.

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