South Carolina Man Launches Unique TV Campaign in Israel

Funds raised by Christians will be delivered to terrorist victim families in January.
by George Whitten

JERUSALEM (AgapePress) - Israelis have recently been exposed to an unprecedented television message that promotes American friendship with the Jewish nation.

The TV spots, produced and voiced by Earl Cox - a former communications director who served under four U.S. presidential administrations - carry a strong message of encouragement to the people of Israel. They also convey a sobering message against the atrocities of terrorism.

"Terrorism is evil," Cox says. "Instead of dividing the people of Israel and America, the attacks are bringing the two countries closer together, solidifying unity between the two nations."

Cox, a Christian who headed the U.S. presidential draft campaigns of Elizabeth Dole and Colin Powell, believes it would be a serious Israeli mistake to offer terrorists land for peace under any circumstances. "It never has worked and never will work," he says. "Peace must be negotiated through a process of compromise between parties seeking peace. Israel has been the only party willing to negotiate through compromise rather than terrorism. Terrorism should never be tolerated as a negotiating tool."

Cox praised President George W. Bush for his stand against terrorism, but voiced dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration's position which now supports the creation of a Palestinian state.

Furthermore, Cox commended former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, for his uncompromising stand against a Palestinian state. Cox was quoted as stating, "As a Christian, I affirmed his position that the creation of such an Arab state now would likely lead to Israel's demise. Statehood should never be offered to the Palestinian Arabs as a means of ending terrorism."

In addition, Cox pulled additional artillery by pointing out a recent statement by the Christian Coalition of America, which highlights the opposition to the creation of any PLO state and stands against the demands of terrorists.

Cox feels strongly that the United States will collect funds surpassing the $100 million Saudi Arabia raised in their efforts to support Palestinian terrorism. He says if Saddam Hussein can give $35,000 to families who send out their young children to commit homicide bombings against innocent Israelis, surely the people of America will demonstrate clearly their generosity toward a civilized nation who values democracy and freedom.

An ardent advocate of increased U.S. financial assistance, Cox has been reassuring Israeli leaders of increased American support abroad. "Recent U.S. polls have revealed Americans support Israel in their defense of their land and admire the tenacity and courage of the Israeli people," he says. "I believe the U.S. government will fervently express encouragement to Israel through financial support that echoes these polls."

The former director of information and public affairs and spokesperson for three separate U.S. government agencies has recently purchased, with his own finances, Israeli television ads to promote this media campaign in Israel, the first of its kind. The ads further explain how money is being raised in South Carolina and throughout America by both Christians and Jews to help Israeli families affected by terrorist attacks.

Cox has been in Israel during the past month, visiting hospitals and families who have lost loved ones to Palestinian terrorist acts. He has also visited many of the bombing sites and attended funerals of several terrorist victims.

Funds raised for terrorist victim families will be personally delivered to Israel in January by a delegation of Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis. "It is important that every individual who values freedom and democracy stand solidly with America's ally and friend, Israel," Cox says.

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