United Nations Bias Against Israel Is Nothing New

UN is more ready to side with homicide bomers than Israel.
by Fred Jackson

(AgapePress) - U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is blaming Israel for his decision to cancel plans for a U.N. fact-finding team to investigate Palestinian allegations of a massacre in the Jenin refugee camp. But a former Israeli prime minister says Israel had good reason not to trust the U.N. proposal.

The U.N. started pushing for the special investigation after the Palestinian Authority claimed that Israeli soldiers had killed hundreds of civilians in Jenin. Israel has totally denied the claims, and various sources - including U.S. officials - have said there is no evidence of any mass killings. In fact, even Palestinians officials reported that they could only find about 56 bodies in the Jenin camp.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the U.N. has a long history of anti-Israeli actions - and the Sharon government was right to resist Annan's proposal. "This is the same U.N. that hid the Hezbollah tape taken by U.N. forces of Hezbollah kidnapping Israelis and lied about it," he says. "Nobody in Israel takes the U.N. seriously."

Netanyahu adds that in resisting the U.N. investigation, Israel did nothing less than what the United States would do if unfounded allegations were made against American soldiers.

In an interview with CNN, the former prime minister also said it is a mistake to allow Yasser Arafat to leave Ramallah. "I would have gotten rid of him - not by killing him, but by expelling him on day one, not giving him this platform to play the hero," Netanyahu said. "Because if he is the hero, then we're not going to get peace."

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