Bill Selby Is Growing Into His New Role as the Cleveland Indians Rebuild
by Matthias R. Monschein

Bill Selby

To say that the Cleveland Indians have been going through some serious changes within the ranks might seem like an understatement, however, that is exactly the thing that has been happening right from the beginning of the season.

Gone are seasoned veterans like Bartolo Colon, Brady Anderson, Ricardo Rincon and Paul Shuey all to be replaced by the young men from AAA Buffalo.

All over Cleveland the critics are speaking out against this literal house cleaning. But the youth explosion in the clubhouse is one of the best things that can happen with the team.

With new minds comes a fresh new outlook for things in the future and all over the locker room these young players are waiting for their chance to shine for their teammates and the fans.

There are already signs of what is to come every time the Indians take the field.

Flash back to the July 14th game against the New York Yankees. The Tribe was behind through the entire game. Very few people gave them a chance to win. The game had reached the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded, two outs and two strikes. A virtual unknown player by the name of Bill Selby hit a walk off grand slam home run to win the game.

"God will put blessings in our lives that are wonderful because we are trying to do what is right ands we are letting him use us to witness to others and reach others for Christ. I just thank God for allowing me to glorify him that day," Selby told Connection Magazine.

Selby is one of the players ready to step into the new role with the Cleveland Indians. All be it much different from playing in AAA Buffalo, he willfully accepts whatever the team has in store for him but knows that there is one thing in his life that will never change.

"Even though my role as a player essentially changes from one to the other, my role as a Christian stays the same," said Selby. "Wherever I am, either Buffalo or right here in Cleveland, God wants to use me to touch somebody."

Selby has had some excellent examples to turn to in the locker room, but understands that the younger players will look to him in much the same way as his predecessors.

"I think that it is extremely important for any Christian to have a support group. You've got to fellowship you've got to be around believers because it is easy to lose track of your focus," said Selby "You get caught up in so many mind games within the game of baseball because Satan throws so many things at you every day that you need your Christian brothers to keep you straight. I need them and sometimes they feel the same way. That kind of thing is imperative through all walks of life not just in baseball."

Selby understands what it means to be a Christian and a light shining for others to see.

"I grew up in the church and attended regularly. My father was a Baptist minister for over thirty years. I was at the church every day. I accepted Christ at the age of 6 years old but I never completely understood the context of being a Christian until I got a little older."

That understanding helped him greatly once he began his career in baseball.

"I was always under the assumption that I was in control of my career. I worked hard and stayed late. It wasn't until the last three years that I finally understood to let it go and let God. I quit trying to do so much for God and let him work through me. I made a commitment to each day to ask God to use me in some way to glorify him. By doing that it takes the 'me' out of the platform that he has given me. It takes the 'me' out of the career and it places the focus on Him."

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