Former Board of Education Counselor from Parma, Releases New Book

Scripture Servings for Spiritual Strength is a daily devotional designed to get your spirit engine running

Dan Taddeo

Dan Taddeo, a self-published author from Parma Heights, has released his newest book titled 'Scripture Servings For Spiritual Strength'. A carefully edited work with over 260 relevant topics, this book contains more than 2,700 biblical passages spread out over 366 calendar days. Where most devotionals draw your thoughts to the author's commentary, Scripture Servings centers the reader's attention on what scripture says about specific topics. Scripture become the catalyst for the reader's personal commentary by inspiring thoughtful meditation.

This latest book was born out of Taddeo's ministry of comfort to a personal friend who suffered with cancer, and nourishes the reader with God's uplifting promises, Godly wisdom and personal challenges.

A retired counselor from the Parma Board of Education, Taddeo asserts that the book is a great tool for facilitating individual or group Bible study. In fact, there is a study outline on page 368, which serves to further assist the reader along the path of spiritual growth and a closer walk with Jesus.

Whether for a friend or yourself, this inspired writing will be a welcomed staple of spiritual bread for anyone's home. Scriptures is available at area Christian bookstores.

Other works of Dan Taddeo include a book of parenting principles titled 'Back to Basics', a character building book titled 'Words of Wisdom', and 'One Nation Without God', which discusses the consequences of a society that no longer values choosing right from wrong. Also, look for the return of Dan's monthly column in this issue of Connection Magazine.

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