Ohio Pro-Family Leader Distressed by Governor Taft's Pick for Lt. Gov.

Governor and Running Mate Jeanette Bradley, Support Homosexual Practices

(AgapePress) - At least one Ohio pro-family group is not happy with the decision of Republican Governor Robert Taft to pick a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion running mate for his re-election bid.

Governor Taft was forced to pick a new running mate when his Lt. Governor, Maureen O'Connor, announced her candidacy for the Ohio Supreme Court. His choice, Columbus (Ohio) City Council member Jeanette Bradley , has angered many conservatives, who argue that she does not represent core Republican values.

Linda Harvey is president of Columbus-based Mission:America, a pro-family ministry that addresses cultural and social trends in the U.S. and what those trends portend for Christians. Harvey says in selecting Bradley, the Governor has "sided with the increasingly aggressive campaign to promote and legitimize homosexuality."

Harvey offers examples of Bradley's support for the homosexual agenda. She says that while a member of the City Council in 1998, Bradley voted in favor of taxpayer subsidies for unmarried "domestic partners," including homosexuals living together. The measure Bradley supported was withdrawn that same month by the Council after petitioners gathered more than 10,000 signatures, asking for the measure's repeal.

And according to Harvey, Bradley stormed out of a Republican Central Committee meeting in early 1999, after fighting to keep her endorsed spot on the Republican ticket. Following a speech supporting homosexual rights, Bradley reportedly said Republicans who are concerned with the health risks associated with homosexuality are full of "hatred and intolerance."

"It's unbelievable that intelligent people like Taft and Ms. Bradley have fallen for the notion that homosexual practices should be supported," Harvey says.

Harvey says Taft may be looking to broaden the diversity of the GOP by selecting Bradley, who is an African-American woman. But the pro-family spokeswoman says there are many "pro-family African-American women of integrity" who would have been better choices.

According to Harvey, many Republicans are caving in to the idea of "diversity" in that they give priority to gender and ethnic issues rather than seeking out a person who has integrity and character. She adds that in recent years, some Republicans have used grassroots conservatives to front campaigns, disguise their real agenda until after they are elected, and then wind up looking "just like a Democrat."

Harvey believes that most Republicans, when fully informed about what homosexual activists are demanding in communities and schools, are not just concerned but outraged. In selecting Bradley, she says, Taft is out of touch with the "lifeblood" of the Republican Party.

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