December 2002 :: Table of Contents

Top Stories:

» At War For Christmas
» Condoleezza Rice's Secret Weapon
» Evidence of Jesus Said To Be Found On Bone Box Artifact
» When Arab and Jew Embrace: A Powerful Connection
» I Didn't Believe the Virgin Birth
» Ohio Civil Rights Commission Backs Landlord's Renting Policy
» World Evangelical Alliance Re-Affirms Evangelical Commitment To Mission to Jews
» Folger: Homosexual Advocates Using Smokescreen to Get at Little Kids
» Helping Cleveland's Homeless, Not Despising Them
» Jews Discredit Letter to Bush
» Actor Kirk Cameron Challenges Christians
» Leader Says 'Mediocrity' Describes American Christians
» New Miss America Will Not Be Bullied
» Muslims Persecute Christians in Indonesia, To Death
» Religious Persecution of Christians on the Rise
» Repair? Why Not Build Right in the First Place?
» America Reduced to Third World Country?

» News Briefs From Planet Earth
» Business Proverbs-Counting Your Business Costs
» Letters To The Editor
» Poet's Pen
» "Quotable"


» Charles Colson - The Latest Mental Malady? Express Line Rage
» Danita Harris - Hey Single People
» Ben Kinchlow - A Better Reason For The Christmas Season?
» Bill Martin - Spirit to Spirit
» Gail Ramsey - Dear God! Am I Forgiven?


» Andra Davis-Cleveland Browns Rookie
» David Carr, Houston Texans
» Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
» Former OSU Standout Kent Graham


» Is Bob Dylan A Fan of Jesus?
» Nicole Mullen's Christmas In Black and White
» Rebecca St. James
» Connection Magazine's Top 20 Music Picks for December 2002


» Book Review - Is America Heading Toward a Cultural Revolution?
» Book Review - Worldwide Upheaval Leads to Spiritual Soul-Searching
» Movie Review - Don't Go The "8 MILE"

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