April 2003 : Table of Contents

Top Stories:

» CMA Doctors Cite Baby's Pain and Consciousness in Hailing Vote to Ban Partial-Birth Abortions
» Connection Magazine Poll: Should the United States be at war with Iraq?
» Crown or Cross?
» Will Followers of Jesus Lose Prophetic Voice?
» She Lived and Died For Jesus
» Who would say a Christian Pro-Life T-shirt was the same as a Nazi Swastika?
» Public Schools Can't Continue to Stop Prayer
» Salvation on the Set of "The Simpsons"?
» Secret Directive Targets Underground Church Leaders in China
» Secular Poll Confirms Mushy Belief System Among American Christians
» Lorain County Teacher Sues for His Union Dues to Be Diverted to Charity
» Getting a Clue in Tinseltown
» Village Grace Mission Center in Slavic Village
» Your friend just told you, "I'm Gay!" Now what?
» Kind Words From a Stranger
» Adventurous Entrepreneur
» Public Schools May Be Subjected to Lawsuits
» Researcher: Complexity of DNA Demands 'Intelligent Designer' in the Process
» Secular Media Bias Stifles Creationists' Scientific Findings, Perspective
» Out of the Snake Pit of Insanity
» Top Songs Sung By U.S. Churches in 2002

» News Briefs From Planet Earth
» Business Proverbs - Pricing Your Product or Service Right
» Letters To The Editor
» Poet's Pen
» "Quotable"


» Danita Harris - LET "ME" IN
» Bill Martin - You Yield, God Works!
» Gail Ramsey - Dear God! Should I Leave My Business For Full-Time Ministry?
» Chuck Colson - Hearing God's Call To Protect Babies
» Ben Kinchlow - Why Is Israel The Most Hated Nation In All Of History?
» Cal Thomas - God, Satan and the Media


» Keith Smart, Cleveland Cavaliers' Head Coach
» LaPhonso Ellis, Miami Heat
» Man of Steel With Samson-like Strength


» More Than Nails in Northeast Ohio
» 'Real' by Israel and New Breed
» Songwriter's 'Reverse Crossover' Glorifies God, Benefits the Kingdom
» Connection Magazine's Top 20 Music Picks for April 2003


» Book Review - So You're Thinking About Homeschooling
» Book Review - Antonia's Choice
» Movie Review - Inspector Gadget 2

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