News Briefs From Planet Earth - June 2003


AgapePress ...A published report says a company that makes critical parts for U.S. smart bombs is shutting down its American operations and moving production to China. Insight magazine reports that Magnequench, Inc., makes highly sophisticated magnets vital to the operation of smart-bomb technology. The magazine discovered that Magnequench was purchased by a Chinese consortium in 1995 and originally promised to keep the U.S. plant in Indiana open. A spokesman for Magnequench confirms the Valparaiso plant is shutting down. The spokesman insists, however, that all of the technology is easily found around the world. Former Energy Department security director Notra Trulock says he remembers a similar technology transfer during the Clinton Administration involving fiber optics. Trulock says the sale was approved, and a few years later, Americans learned that the Chinese had used that technology to help Iraq reconstruct its air defense network, which he points out is now used to kill American pilots. Trulock says Americans need to call their congressmen and insist that the U.S. stop giving China valuable technology.


AgapePress ...A Christian ministry is stepping up efforts to provide Bibles for new believers in China. It is estimated that 10,000 to 25,000 people are coming to Christ each day in China, which amounts to a huge demand for Bibles in the small, unofficial house churches scattered across the country. Terry Madison, president of Open Doors with Brother Andrew, says the "never-ending demand for God's word" is not being met. He adds that Open Doors continues to try and meet as much of the demand that they can as they have for the last several years. Open Doors has provided well over a million bibles and study books for the believers in China. There are an estimated 60 million to 250 million Christians in China.


AgapePress ...A Kentucky-based ministry wants to provide answers at its one-of-a-kind museum that is taking shape outside of Cincinnati. Massive steel beams rise as high as 50 feet above the ground as construction continues on the Creation Museum being built by the ministry known as Answers in Genesis (AiG). The 95,000-square-foot complex, which will house the new AiG headquarters, will offer visitors a worldview based on biblical history -- including Adam with dinosaurs, a planetarium, special-effects theater, and animated figures and exhibits. Patrick Marsh, the art director who did the scenic designs for the "Jaws" and "King Kong" attractions at Universal Studios in Florida, is the creative talent behind the museum designs. AiG is building the museum debt-free as donations come in.


AgapePress ...It has been college students who have provided the majority of demonstrators opposed to the war of liberation in Iraq. Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation says that is because academia is spearheading the organization of the demonstrations and taking advantage of impressionable young people in doing so. Academicians, he says, know that young people are idealistic and like to identify with causes "that are greater than themselves." He says they paint a vision for young people, telling them that through their protests they can help stop the war and "stop the little children from being murdered by the ruthless American killing machine." Weyrich say academia is a breeding place for anti-American advocates, communists, and those who oppose democracy, freedom, and truth.


AgapePress ...As a former intelligence official during the Clinton Administration, Notra Trulock says the federal bureaucracy is now so deep with "Clinton-era holdovers" that it will take years to weed them all out. Trulock says he is deeply concerned about the recent report that a company making sensitive national security components is going to be completely moved to communist China. The former director of intelligence at the Energy Department says the China sell-out began during the previous administration. Trulock says it is clear to him where "the Clinton people came out." He says it was "Katy, bar the door -- sell them anything they want and if there are any problems, then ... all you have to do is contribute to the Democratic National Committee and that will take care of that problem." Unfortunately, Trulock says, the current administration is still "infested" with Clinton holdovers. But Trulock says he is encouraged that the Bush Administration is at least trying to get a handle on the problem of technology transfers to the communist Chinese.


AgapePress ...A popular conservative radio talk-show host says the Bush Administration needs to stop ignoring the serious threat Americans face every day along the southern border with Mexico. Dr. Chuck Baldwin says the United States is "under siege" by hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexican aliens who he says are "crossing our border violently, plundering our land, and attacking our citizens." He says the "invasion" has led to the stealing of American jobs and other economic problems, yet the U.S. government has done virtually nothing about it. Baldwin says there is a "state of war" that exists in the southwestern part of the United States as individual American citizens are left to fend for themselves, " try and save their property, save their homes, their valuables, and their very lives against an oppressive people coming illegally across our borders." Baldwin says America is now at a serious crossroad in the Southwest because of the ongoing Mexican immigration threat, but he feels it is not even perceived to be a threat by the Bush Administration.


AgapePress ...The Cincinnati-based group, Citizens for Community Values, has led a campaign to have law enforcement officials enforce, -- or at least threaten to enforce -- obscenity laws against hotels that offer in-room, pay-per-view pornographic movies. The group's efforts appear to be paying off. President Phil Burress, who says this is not a "privacy issue," notes that the latest hotel to make the decision to drop the porn movies is the Cincinnati Marriott North in West Chester. He now believes hotels -- at least in and around Cincinnati -- are getting the message. Burress says that this is the sixth hotel in the greater-Cincinnati area in the last seven months that has pulled hard-core pornography out of their hotels. "On average," Burress says, "we are estimating that it has cost the pornography industry more than $300,000 in in-room, pay-per-view movies." Burress says another major hotel in Cincinnati has announced it will drop in-room porn because the recent developments has caused the company to review its policy and found that it was not consistent with customer family values.


AgapePress ...Does your church help the hurting? At the recent Promise Keepers pastors conference in Phoenix, the Reverend Tony Evans of the Urban Alternative told a parable about a newlywed whose bride is injured in a car accident. Evans said the bridegroom sees a house with a sign outside that says "Dr. John Smith." But when the young man goes to the door for help, Dr. Smith says he is retired from medicine -- to which the bridegroom angrily responds, "Then take down your sign!" The Reverend Evans told pastors that if their churches do not help people in need, they too should take down their signs.


AgapePress ...A member of one of the most successful contemporary Christian bands says many critics of contemporary Christian music do not realize that it is okay to exalt Jesus in a vibrant way. With more than two million albums sold, Audio Adrenaline has been one of the biggest contemporary Christian music bands for years. Ben Cissell is the drummer for Audio Adrenaline and he says while contemporary Christian music may not be for everyone, it does have a God-honoring message. "What we are doing," Cissell says, "and what everybody on stage is doing -- does not matter. What matters is your relationship with Jesus Christ." Cissell says that all the group is here to do is just be Christian cheer leaders and try to encourage listeners into following Jesus Christ. Audio Adrenaline is currently in the studio working on their forthcoming album entitled Worldwide.


AgapePress ...Despite United States objection, the World Court took another major step toward implementation recently with the swearing-in of 18 judges. The court is designed as an international body to put people on trial who are deemed to be guilty of human rights abuses. Former president Bill Clinton endorsed the idea and signed onto the Rome treaty which created the court. But when George Bush was elected, he rescinded that signature and has said he will never ratify the treaty. The major concern of the Bush Administration -- and others -- is that the court will dilute U.S. sovereignty. For example, it is said the court could be used to put American soldiers on trial for politically-motivated reasons. So far, 89 nations have already ratified the treaty. Besides referrals from those countries, the court will also be open to cases recommended by the United Nations Security Council. Many Christians see this world court as part of a further fulfilling of end-times biblical prophecy dealing with a one-world government.  [by Fred Jackson]


AgapePress ...A pro-family activist says the United States continues to buy billions of dollars of Chinese toys and other knickknacks despite the fact that much of it is made with slave labor. Steve Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, has been calling for a boycott of Chinese-made products for years -- long before lawmakers recently began discussing the idea of boycotting the French. Mosher says the Chinese knickknacks are so cheap because some are made by imprisoned slave laborers, including prisoners of conscience. He says "our fellow Christians in the home church movement are being targeted right now as we speak -- and when they're in prison, they are forced to work." He observes the "terrible irony" that Christians are supporting China's labor camp system by buying goods that come from that system. According to Mosher, China also uses children in its labor camps, some as young as ten years old. That is why he thinks Americans need to boycott the Chinese.


AgapePress ...Many professional organizations have endorsed homosexuals to serve as foster parents, saying the arrangement poses no threat to the children -- but recent research shows otherwise. The Family Research Institute of Colorado found that homosexuals make up 3% of all foster parents, but are responsible for 50% of the reported molestation cases of foster children. Institute spokesman Dr. Paul Cameron says the statistics back up what family groups have been warning about for decades. Cameron says professional associations, which he says are "so wrong about this," need to rethink their positions -- and that the American public also needs to think again about trusting those associations with their children. One such overseeing group, the National Association of Social Workers, has maintained there is no difference between homosexual and heterosexual foster parents.


AgapePress...A student newspaper at the University of Michigan has caved in to the demands of a Palestinian group and pulled a series of pro-Israel advertisements. The ads, funded by, includes images of Palestinians dancing in the streets of Beirut on 9/11 while Israelis were mourning in Tel Aviv. Some on campus have called the ads "racist" and "unfair" because they portray Palestinians as terrorists. Michigan Student Zionists president Rick Dorfman says complaints from anti-Israel groups prompted the Michigan Daily to censor the ads. Dorman explains that a group called Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, the local Palestinian movement, marched into the newspaper's business office and demanded that the ads be pulled. He says following a vote by the paper's business office to continue the ads, the Palestinian group threatened to put "pictures and names of everybody on the board that voted to keep the ads in and write 'racist' on it and post it up all over campus." The Michigan Daily claims the ads were pulled because the community did not want them.

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