Poet's Pen

A Holy Heart

What is planted in the soil of your heart?
Is the ground full of weeds that are dead?
At the center of your being, every day,
Will you plant the right kind of seeds instead?

Like a farmer expecting a bountiful crop,
You too will reap whatever you sow.
In what condition is the garden of your heart?
Anything that you plant will take root and grow.

The rain is falling, the season for change is here.
It is now time to plow under the tares.
Get ready to live for Christ, the true vine,
Humble thyself, repent from your sins with tears!

A holy heart of faith will please the Father.
Pray, that in your life, His will be done.
Plant the truth of God's word deep within your heart,
Trust in Jesus Christ, the divine, eternal one.

Good fruit will then begin to come forth
When the Lord himself saves your soul.
Love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness,
Goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.

A holy heart is like a flourishing garden,
Having fertile soil and good fruit bearing seeds.
There's not anything dead or withering within it,
A holy heart will produce Christlike good deeds.

by John Roberto

"It is written, Be Ye Holy; For I Am Holy." I Peter 1:16

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