"Shall not China remain in its state of darkness and death because of the worldliness and deadness of the people of God? Shall not the cry which now goes forth from this land penetrate our universities, colleges and churches, and elicit a response in many a heart devoted to Christ, worthy of the urgency and solemnity of the occasion?"

GRIFFITH JOHN, missionary to China, late 1800's

"When you look at the reasons behind why Christ came, why He was crucified, He died for all mankind and He suffered for all mankind, so that, really, anybody who transgresses has to look at their own part or look at their own culpability. At this time, the world has gone nuts, I think. Christ spoke of faith, hope love and forgiveness. And these are things I think we need to be reminded of again. He forgave as He was tortured and killed. And we could do with a little of that behavior."

Actor/director MEL GIBSON on The O'Reilly Factor

"I can't believe that Dan Rather didn't just kill Saddam Hussein when he was interviewing him."

Former basketball star and TNT sports analyst CHARLES BARKLEY, who also suggested that Mr. Rather should have said, "Hey Saddam, let's go get something to eat," to set up an attack with a fork.

"I forgave him, and I saw a change in him."

RENEE CROSSE, wife of Christian musician Clay Crosse, who spoke to a Winston-Salem group recently about overcoming his struggle with pornography.

"Easter is the most important event of the Christian faith, when people around the world join together with family and friends to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the hope of life to come."

The 2003 Easter message of President GEORGE W. BUSH

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