"Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn
In this book, persecution tested Chinese' Christianity is paralleled with arrogant 'American' Christianity in a thought provoking way.
by Mykol Kirksey Lewis

God has given author, and speaker, Randy Alcorn has a heart for the persecuted church. In Safely Home, he subtly, yet brilliantly, introduces "American" Christianity to "Chinese" Christianity by giving heart, soul, and voice to the millions of Christians who are being persecuted in China for their beliefs. He compassionately illustrates the reality of today's martyrs. Although the Word clearly states in Ephesians 4:5, that there is only "One Lord, one faith and one baptism;" one cannot help questioning whether or not there is truly a difference, between Chinese and American Christianity.

Alcorn draws the reader into the reunion of Li Quan, who exemplifies Chinese humility, and his former Harvard roommate and business mogul, Ben "Dabizi" Fielding, who represents American arrogance. After chapter two, things move swiftly through the course of Fielding's six-week business assignment. Loyalties and priorities are questioned and faith is challenged.

The reunion is both ironic and symbolic. Two men from totally different realities who yet share universal conditions: loss, denial, regret, fear, acceptance, truth, courage, and determination. Both had dreams of doing great things as young men; yet time and circumstance altered the courses of their lives. Both expect to get reacquainted with the friend of his past, only to be disappointed by the man of the present. Can a friendship survive when the realities of life fail to live up to human expectations?

Alcorn uses natural events to illustrate spiritual truths. He offers insight from the supernatural realm to "referee", or narrate, worldly events. Without being "preachy," Alcorn is able to expose the truth about America's persecution of Christians as well as reveal our spiritual complacency.

Alcorn's Safely Home is part of a trilogy of creative expression of the Gospel and those who die to defend it. He joins visual artist, Ron DiCianni, and recording artist, Steve Green, in honoring those who followed after Christ with the ultimate sacrifice.

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