Christian Students Punished for Countering Pro-Homosexual Observance

Making a stand for truth and righteousness has cost student the loss of some friends.
by Jim Brown

(AgapePress) Christian students who openly opposed a pro-homosexual event at their Wisconsin public school met stiff resistance from school officials.

The Gay Straight Alliance Club at Evansville High School recently held a "Day of Silence" to protest alleged discrimination against homosexuals. The club was permitted to advertise the event through posters, literature, and on the school intercom. The school even provided them with a "safe room" to sit in if they felt they were being harassed during the day.

But a group of Christian students who countered the Day of Silence by praying and sharing Bible verses in the school commons during class were given unexcused absences, despite permission slips from their parents.

Justin Wallestad, one of those Christian students, says he is disappointed that an entire day at his school was dedicated to promoting the acceptance of homosexuality, but past events organized by Christian students have not been tolerated.

"In the past they were putting [a stop] to some of the stuff that we wanted to do, such as 'See You at the Pole' and stuff like that -- they wouldn't allow us to put up posters," Wallestad says. "But when people come in with a Day of Silence for homosexuality, they [permit use of] the intercom. It was really frustrating, so we wanted to do something about it."

Wallestad felt some of his classmates who participated in the Day of Silence were promoting immorality. "The majority of these people who did participate are my friends because I want to be friends with a variety of people," he says. "So I actually did lose quite a few friends because of this."

Wallestad and other students plan to organize a "Christian Purity Day" and promote the event through posters, literature, and over the school intercom.

Editor's Note: Unless your children are super-spiritual, we need to get our Christian children out of public schools for their own good.

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