Palestinians Already Have a State, Coalition Says

by Chad Groening

(AgapePress) A national coalition of Christians and Jews is trying to educate Americans on the truth about the Palestinian question.

The National Unity Coalition for Israel is calling its campaign "Chutzpah - The Battle for Truth." Coalition president Esther Levens says far too many people do not understand that there has never been a historical place called Palestine -- and that so-called "Palestinians" already have a state, called Jordan.

"Jordan really is, in effect, a Palestinian state already in existence," Levens says. "It represents 76% of the British mandate that was supposed to be all of Israel really, but that piece was chopped off and given to the Saudi Kingdom."

Levens adds there has never really been a historical group of people known as Palestinians.

"The Palestinians are sort of a created group -- people who were living maybe in tents throughout what is now Israel," she explains. "Really it was never a state, and the Palestinian people were never defined differently from the Arabs. Their language is the same [and] their culture is the same".

Levens says more than 70% of Jordan's population is Palestinian, so there is no need to further carve up Israel. She says in fact, the Palestinians are being used as "pawns" in the Arab world's effort to destroy the Jewish state.

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