Student Columnist Fired After Questioning Use of Lewd Film at Miami University of Ohio

by Jim Brown

(AgapePress) A conservative columnist for the campus newspaper at Miami University of Ohio has been fired for writing a column opposing a professor's decision to show a pornographic film in class.

After learning a French professor at Miami University showed the questionable film without warning her students beforehand, Aaron Sanders wrote a column questioning the educational value of the film, which is filled with lewd sexual content.

The French department became angry, and in turn, contacted Sanders' faculty advisor to the Miami student newspaper, who urged the editor-in-chief to fire Sanders. Soon after, the senior economics major lost his position at the paper.

Sanders thinks it's ridiculous that a handful of people could limit his free speech. "The French department [uses] academic freedom [as] their basis for [showing] these films. I met their expression with more expression, and that led to my termination and the censoring of my conservative viewpoint."

Sanders says his column also raised objections to the department's continual use of obscene material in class. "The films and readings that [students in French] are subjected to are basically full of rape and incest," he says.

"After spending a semester in a French course, you'd think the average Frenchman runs around Paris raping women by day and going home to incestual relationships at night."

He says students have walked out of classrooms and even changed their majors because of the "excessive and unnecessary use of this type of content."

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