According to AP reporter Josef Federman, Israel's prime minister fired two Cabinet ministers from his divided government today. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reflected the deep differences in his Cabinet over a host of issues, most especially a polarizing bill defining Israel as "the Jewish state."

Contentions arose last week when Netanyahu pushed a piece of legislation defining Israel as "the Jewish state." According to the AP report, Netanyahu believes the country must make this declaration at the constitutional level to send a message to the country's enemies.

But must the leader of the Jewish people make such legal declaration in order to effectively thwart enemies of the sovereign, God-given land of Israel? Is the nation of Israel merely a Jewish nation or something more. What does Bible Scripture declare about the nation of Israel?

Jacob, whom God later named Israel, had 12 sons. The House of Judah (Jews) represents just 3 of Jacob's sons, as history and Scriptures confirms Judah is linked with Benjamin and much of Levi.

However, there are other children of Jacob besides Judah (Jews). The other sons are also fathers of the tribes of Israel who are NOT Jews, but are called House of ISRAEL, or Joseph. The House of Israel was also called Ephraim after Joseph's son who was said to become many nations, or a multitude among Gentile nations according to Jacob's prophecy. (Genisis 48:8-19)

Because they defiled the Sabbaths of God and adopted the customs of the nations instead, the House of Israel was driven out of the land of Israel by the Assyrians around 2,900-years ago, 900BC. When Jesus lived and ministered in Israel 2,000-years ago, He told the House of Judah (His Jewish brethren), that He came to earth to seek the lost sheep of the House of Israel, (Matt, 15:24). He further identified the House of Israel as those who hear His voice and who follow Him. Soon, the House of Judah (Jews) and the House of Israel, (followers of Jesus) will unite as ONE nation under God. (see Ezekiel 37:15-28)

So, it is not in line with Bible Scripture to claim the land of Israel for a small group of Jacob's sons called House of Judah (Jews). It is more appropriate and truthful to identify Israel as the land Covenanted to and through the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Hey, House of Judah, you will soon behold your brethren, from among the Gentile nations, the House of Israel/Joseph/Ephraim. Don't forget the prophecy to be reunited with your brothers. Yes, all who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior are grafted into Israel. (see Jeremiah 3:18, Jeremiah 31:31, Jeremiah 33:14-26, Zechariah 2:11, Ephesians 2:11-21, Hebrews 8:8 and Romans 11)

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