April 2013
Passover Festival Confirms Jesus Prophecy

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Today, families all over this land of Israel, and all around the world, are celebrating the 7th and final day of Passover, commemorating deliverance from slavery in Egypt over 3,000 years ago.

Passover is also the celebration of the birth of Israel as a nation.

In the Book of Exodus, The Bible gives details of Israel’s deliverance from bondage as the result of the Lord Our God sending 10 plagues upon Egypt, including the final plague, resulting in the death of all of Egypt’s first-born.

The Lord instructed Moses to have the families of the children of Israel kill a lamb without spot or blemish, and then apply the lamb’s blood to the top and side doorposts of their homes.

They received further instructions to stay in their homes until morning as the Lord smote the Egyptians. The death angel or destroyer would pass-over the homes that applied the blood of the lamb, sparing the lives of the children of Israel.

The Passover foreshadowed the death of Yeshua ha’Maschiach, Jesus the Christ, who became the Passover lamb that God provided. Now, all who repent and accept the blood of Jesus as atonement for their sins, shall not see death, but live forever in God’s Holy City, the New Jerusalem as Revelation chapter 21 confirms.

Further understanding of the Passover Festival makes it easy to understand the death and resurrection of the Lord, which Scripture claims happened on the third day.

Matthew 12:40 declares that Jesus spent 3 nights and 3 days in the heart of the earth, making it impossible for him to have been killed on a Friday and raised on a Sunday morning, which only equals 2 nights and one day.

Understanding the weekly Sabbaths, as well as the Festival Sabbaths, we learn that Jesus was crucified at the same time the Jewish priests were killing the lambs in preparation for the evening Passover meal, which, as the first day of Passover, was a High Holy Day, also ordained as a Sabbath day of the Lord. In fact, the first two days of Passover are Sabbaths.

For Jesus to be raised the morning after the weekly Sabbath, the first day of Passover that week had to begin on Wednesday after sundown, which is really the start of Thursday on a Jewish calendar. After 3 nights and three days in the grave, which was completed after the weekly Sabbath, on Saturday evening after sundown, otherwise known as the start of Sunday on the Jewish calander, we see that Yeshua clearly fulfilled Bible prophecy.