May 16, 2010
The Great Overflow
by Lana Vawser

“And the threshing floors shall be full of grain and the vats shall overflow with juice (of the grape) and oil.” – Joel 2:24

The cutting away, the pruning, the fire has been great, but oh My Church the glorious transformation that I am bringing about in many of your lives. I am transforming those of you who are yielding to Me and drawing near to Me.

This is the time where I am transforming you My Church to be the mature sons and daughters of the King. Those who have truly seen My face, heard My heartbeat, have been hidden for some time, and are slowly starting to be released into the earth with messages that is going to transform people, groups, cities, nations and the world.

Many of you have held messages, revelations and visions that I have placed within your hearts for a long time, speaking only a portion of what I have revealed unto each of you, and I say to each of you, well done for obeying My voice, for choosing to walk in obedience above seeking the approval of man. For there are many who are rushing ahead of My Spirit and My voice and there has become a manufacturing within My Church that grieves Me greatly.

As I am raising up each of you, My mature sons and daughters, you shall expose through My messages and light the manufacturing that is happening within My Church. There will be much exposure, but this exposure will not humiliate but bring conviction, repentance and restoration. There will be a true restoration of many of My people who are moving ahead of Me.

There has been a great tearing away, yet it has been a tearing away that was not by My hand. The locusts have come and eaten away at much of your lives, your dreams and vision, they have found an entry point into many of your lives and have wreaked havoc. I say unto you that I will give to unto you tenfold what was taken from you My people. The enemy is a liar, a thief and he seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Where he has found a doorway into many of your lives, I will highlight to each of you these doors, and through repentance these doors will be closed and abundance shall pour forth.

Tears that have been cried will be replaced with joy overflowing. Hardship that has been so heavy will be replaced with peace and strength like never before. Weariness that has just about broken many of you will be replaced with an endurance, boldness and courage that you many of you have not known before.

The great pressing that is occurring in My Church is bringing forth an image of My heart and face that the world has never seen. I am leading you My Church to be the pure and spotless bride I created you to be.

The pressing and heat that is occurring right now is making room for the NEW WINE of My presence. I am pouring forth revelation, visions, dreams, visitations and messages that are coming forth in this season that is calling My Church to dig deeper.

Determine in your hearts to spend more time in My presence and My Spirit shall continue to cut away the flesh that so easily entangles. Many of you have felt that things are out of control as the flesh continues to rear its ugly head and continue to rise up day after day.

It is in My presence that the flesh continues to die. This is the day I am rising up the mature sons and daughters of God, HOLINESS beacons to shine forth into this world.

My Church shall stand together, My mature sons and daughters, all singing the same song, the song of the Lamb, giving Glory to Me, the echoes shall be heard throughout the whole world and as each life shines, together My Church you shall see My light formulate one banner over the entire earth, one picture, one message...


I shall be seen by all the earth. Live each day as if I am returning for you do not know the day, the time or the hour of My return. Do not be caught unprepared.

My face will be seen throughout the entire earth.

The overflow and abundance is being poured out right now to bring forth My image into this earth to a greater degree. The darker the days, the brighter My light.

Many of you are worrying about provision in your lives. Many of you have made worry and fretting your companion. Repent for your worry and fretting and know that in ALL things I will provide for you. Supernaturally I will continue to bring forth all that you need each and every day of your lives My Church.

Come, rest in Me, listen to My heart....

Mature sons and daughters...