Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Jesus, King of kings, Lord of lords, Creator of all things we pray on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world, who are suffering terror, persecution, ridicule, loss of homes / possessions, loss of freedom, whose comfort is only found in you as they suffer bloodshed and even unto death for your name's sake. I pray for an increase of your Holy Spirit and an increase of faith and comfort to be poured out to them. Jesus increase their Love for your lost sheep of Israel so that they may not fear but have power and sound minds. Jesus we thank you for sustaining our brothers and sisters, whom you are using for your glory. Also, we pray for ourselves and others who have not yet had to suffer unto bloodshed or death for your name sake, that you would prepare / equip our hearts and minds for the dark hour coming upon the earth, that we would love not our lives unto the death. Fill us Father Jesus with more love for our brothers and sisters and your lost sheep of Israel. Jesus we put all our hope in you, Amen.

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