Bible Prophecy in the News, Last Day's Prophetic Warnings, End Time News and Timely Eye-opening Revelations are Posted Here

Do you desire to understand Bible prophecy in the news? Discover truth and a prophetic understanding of end time news and last day's events from the perspective of the Bible. This site is now devoted to bringing you the latest warnings from the Holy Scriptures, to help you prepare and encourage you to stand on the word of the Lord as darkness covers the land and gross darkness the people. Stay informed as the so-called church forsakes the word of righteousness, godliness and holiness in exchange for the lie of carnal liberalism, and strengthens their embrace and love of worldly success and earthly prosperity. Be alert as the United States increases it's war against the Bible and those who follow it's wisdom, knowledge and instruction. And be equipped to stand and endure to the end as the final and last day's, one-world "beast" government arises with iron teeth and bronze claws, ready to devour.

-Blog Editor Jonathan Israel

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