Camps Offer Something

      Whether you are looking for a camp to entrust your children to for a week of summer activities, seeking a vacation refuge for your family, or exploring options for a retreat location for your group or church, Christian camps and conference centers offer you programs and experiences geared to encourage a deeper communion with God and closer fellowship with others. Most facilities encourage their guests to learn biblical principles of discipleship, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork, along with some good old-fashioned fun in the sun.

      Throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, there are many camps and conference centers focusing in on the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. These facilities offer entire week and weekend retreats, outdoor education, picnics, seminars, team building programs, and praise and worship. Often, attendees acquire new skills in leadership, trust, and communication, as well as wilderness camping and survival techniques. These camps often aim to help their guests discover and apply spiritual lessons through God's creation and day to day experiences.

      When you send your children to these camps they will participate in specialty camp programs distinct from traditional summer camp programs. They will be participating in Christ-centered programs in an atmosphere that reflects Christian values. They can partake in many sports activities like, swimming, baseball, basketball and other team building sports aimed at teaching relationship building skills.

      Refocusing and relaxation are some of the reasons people seek time away from everyday life. In addition, many spend time at these centers encountering God and experience a new level of intimacy with Him. Specialty groups, like single parents often attend a weekend offered by many camps where the main focus is addressing their unique issues.

      In addition, families can benefits from time set aside specifically to revitalize and strengthen their family ties. At the same time finding a connection by sharing the Word of God and seeking an impartation of spiritual truths. You get an opportunity to play together in a Christian atmosphere without pressure or demands. During your stay you have time to enjoy outdoor adventures that allows your family an opportunity to relax, have fun and, most of all, grow closer together.

      Another specialty group that often receives special ministry time at many of these facilities are singles. Facilities like Beulah Beach in Vermillion, OH have a singles ministry that "provides an opportunity for single adults to experience Christian fellowship and spiritual growth that will continue to conform them to the image of Christ for the glory of God." According to their internet site, "the goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere with scripture-based teaching, organized activities, fellowship, and free time. The objectives are: to validate singleness as a lifestyle, to have a personal and intimate encounter with God, and to experience praise and worship."

      Many of these conference centers have facilities that various groups can reserve for a special retreat sponsored by the group. Churches often take advantage of this opportunity to encourage relationship building and often provide programs with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship skills. These retreats provide an environment where attendees can come to a place where they put their trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In addition, in a group retreat setting people can spend time encouraging each other while being equipped with the faith to live in a way that reveals the growing influence that Christ has in their hearts.

      Whatever your reason, seeking a special time of refreshment, finding a safe place to send your children, or seeking more of God, you can find it at a camp facility that places Jesus at the center focus of their mission statement.