Local Inventor
by Donna M. Williams

      It was mid-afternoon as I arrived into the busy lobby, I was immediately greeted by a warm smile and an extended hand, a very calm voice says, "you must be Donna." Immediately he introduces me to another gentleman, and says, this is my business associate and friend, Dr. Clifton Tuner. The gentleman who greets me seems excited, yet very humble about the interview that is about to take place.

      The gentleman is Christopher Jack Adams, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of GSYS. Adams considers himself to be on a mission from God. Not long ago, he was a truck driver who learned electrical engineering without the benefit of a formal education. Armed with a healthy amount of ambition and faith, what Adams did know was that God had blessed him with a "visionary" mindset and no matter what was to happen to him, it was God alone who would author his outcome.

      Adams vision began to stir, as did his relationship with Jesus as a young boy. He grew up in the church and was raised in a God fearing family. However, it was not until he was an adult and had gone through a difficult divorce and three bankruptcies that he knew to "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else would be added." "After all that I had gone through, I knew as a truck driver that there had to be a safer way to operate trucks on the highway," said Adams. "My company GSYS was created through the lost lives of those involved in highway accidents with rigs."

      Adams will be the first to tell you that the road to building a successful multi-million dollar corporation was not easy. When asked about his journey, he replied, "I have never been able to quote scripture, but on a cold Sunday in November, 1997, I confessed the Word. This was the day that I was reborn and rededicated my life to serving the Lord first." It was during this season in his life that he began to focus. It was at the same church, Evening Star Baptist, that he met his wife Diana. "Diana has truly been a gift from God, we are equally yoked and she is my helpmate. As I look back upon what God has done for me, the first thing that he did after I rededicated myself, was to reestablish my family and my household." As Adams continues to talk about this, tears begin to fall and his voice goes faint. "Today, I have twin sons, David and Daniel and a beautiful wife, whom I know were all sent to me by God."

      Adams feels very passionate about his second chance and he underscores that message with respect, "treat everything I've been blessed with, with respect, because I know that God gave me the capabilities to create this collision avoidance system.

      When asked to describe the technology that he not only invented but also, holds the patent on, he said, "GSYS is the vision created through Jesus. Like our Savior, this is technology that saves lives. There are 18 million truck-trailers using our nations highways, there are 200,000 new trucks being made each year. There are 250,000-accidents accidents each year involving large rigs and automobiles each year totaling 17.7 billion in lost revenue. That is $98,000 per accident and $9,000 in repair cost per truck. We average 3,200 fatalities and 243,000 injuries."

      This technology has the ability to save millions of lives. Current users of the Collision avoidance system, includes the trucking industry, military vehicles and bus companies. " A good mans steps are truly ordered by the Lord," says Adams. "I believe everyone who has come on board to help save lives with this articulated vehicle communications, was all a part of God's plan. This includes the gentleman that accompanied Adams to this interview, Dr. Clifton Turner.

      Dr. Turner who handles marketing and military applications for GSYS states that, "We are members of the same church." Dr. Turner, who is a practicing podiatrist, has also seen the vision of Adams and GSYS, goes on to say that, "I believe God put me on this path because I suffered the lost of my eldest sister, who was in a highway accident involving a truck many years ago." Working with the GSYS and the technology that may save the life of others seems as natural as the profession that he has taken as a medical doctor in his oath to preserve life.

      Additionally, adds Christopher, "Former Secretary of Transportation, Rodney Slater, supported this technology through a program called, 'NO ZONES' because trucks and buses are so much bigger than cars, they have blind spots. The 'NO ZONES' study was an effort to promote and educate the public about the danger of 'BLIND SPOTS' on tractor-trailers, in which cars disappear."

      As a result of the creation of GSYS, Adams was selected as one of the winners of the 1999 Emerging Technology Awards, presented by Ohio Governor, Bob Taft on behalf of the Department of Development and the Thomas Edison Program. This award has recognized progressive Ohio companies that are successfully developing advancing and innovative technology. Additionally, GSYS was also a recipient of the NASA Glenn Garrett Morgan Commercialization Assistance Award. The Garrett Morgan initiative is named after the notable Cleveland inventor and businessman.

       'As I reflect on the awesome task and gift that God has given me to help create a system for a smarter highways on our nations roads and in the military, I can only say that with God all things are possible."