Eddie James & Colourblind

by Tim A. Smith

Eddie James & Colourblind have a vision. Through the music of their debut Fresh Wine/CGI Records release, "Psalms 23," this multi-ethnic, Phoenix, Arizona-based group endeavor to look beyond race, color and social class to speak to the heart and soul of man.

Eddie James, who is also the co-founder of the fledging Fresh Wine label, formed Colourblind in l995. The group was extracted from another musical entity James was responsible for putting together, the 100-plus-voice Phoenix Mass Choir. The choir quickly became a huge success through their release "Higher." The album became a fixture on the Billboard magazine gospel chart, entering at #10 and peaking at #3. Due to the album's success, the demands to perform were enormous, but responsibilities with jobs and families kept many of the choir's members from hitting the concert trail. In order to keep up with performance demands, Colourblind was birthed.

This six-member group, ranging in age from 18 to 26, is true to the spirit of its name, with two Hispanics, three African-Americans and one Caucasian, with an even split of three women and three men.

The vision Eddie James & Colourblind hope to fulfill through the music on "Psalms 23," is a initiate what Eddie calls the "breaking down of walls" Through this album, as well as when we minister in person, it is our desire to break down three walls," says James. "Those walls are racism, the wall that divides the family, and the wall of sin, which separates man from God. We feel that this album is the vehicle to begin that process."

Reprinted by Permission, Sound and Spirit