Educating Cleveland Christian Singles


I was married for so long I don’t know how to be single again! What do you mean abstain from sex? How am I supposed to do that? Answers to these and many other questions are what Educating Singles Ministry is endeavoring to share with Today’s Christian Singles.

by Rahphia J. Jemison

In January of this year Janice Freeman, a divorced, single, born again Christian, had a vision from the Lord about educating single Christians around the city of Cleveland. Janice had the vision, but she had no idea of how to see it manifested. By divine intervention Jan was running late for work one morning and caught a different transit than her usual one. On this ride Jan ran into Jennifer Evans, a friend she had not seen in a long time. While becoming reacquainted, Jan shared her vision with Jennifer. Jennifer a divorcee and mother of two children, conveyed the fact that she had desired a single ministry in her church as well. Janice and Jennifer realized that this was confirmation from the Lord and not just a chance meeting. Jennifer who was as passionate as Jan to see something like this come into fruition met with Jan one week later and ESM was birthed.

The mission of ESM is to "Spiritually empower singles by education through the use of God’s word and fellowship. To strengthen and aide the single man and woman in their Christian walk in order to live a life that is pleasing to God."

The scriptural basis of ESM’s mission statement is Romans 12:1-2. ESM is a Christian Fellowship that is Non-Profit and Non-Denominational. Whether someone is widowed or divorced or has never been married before, ESM is for Christian singles in all walks of life. ESM’s goal is to help singles deal with everyday life and circumstances by dealing with issues such as ....

  • How to get to know God first
  • How to be a peculiar people in this world
  • How to deal with loneliness
  • How to abstain from sex
  • How to be an effective single parent
  • How to recognize your mate and marriage

ESM plans on holding forums and retreats with guest speakers discussing these topics and many more. ESM, recently held their first forum at New Spirit Revival Center, there a Minister and his wife spoke on being single and explained how being single is not being without a husband or a wife, but being single is the ability to be alone but complete in Christ. It is not ESM’s goal to replace any churches already existing singles ministry but rather to work with it and help strengthen it if at all possible. ESM also wants to minister and help singles who do not have a singles organization at their own church.

ESM is not one church but comprised of committee members of many different churches around Cleveland. Married Christians are welcome to ESM seminars. By attending ESM seminars married Christians can learn how to effectively minister to single friends and loves ones.

Janice and Jennifer realize that they are just the vessels God chose to start ESM, and they are ready to minister as the Lord allows.