by Ron Cox

The first offering from husband/wife duo Nathan and Christy Nockels is a solid, mainly acoustic based project with creative lyrics and some good hooks. Christy’s vocals are standout. She does a nice job of singing with plenty of soul and emotion without over-doing the vibrato thing.

Her beautiful voice really shines through in the project’s best cut - "Gloria". But something more important shines through even stronger within this song - the glory of the song’s inspiration - Jesus Christ. This is a worship song in the purest sense...

"Wish I could roll like the thunder

To leave the Earth below in wonder

In an effort to praise You

Wish I could fall like the summer rain

And every drop would sing Your name

In an effort to praise You..."

Other standout cuts include: "Take Me There", "Everything", "Peace", and "Walk Your Road".

"Watermark" is yet another excellent project from Michael W Smith’s record label. If Rocketown Records keeps this up, "Smitty" might have to give up touring and become a bigtime record executive...

Na, that’s impossible. He never shaves!