Touching Heaven--And the Top 40, Too

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by Margaret Feinberg

After a frustrating afternoon, Darlene Zschech (pronounced "check") entered her study for a time of worship. She opened her Bible to Psalm 96 and within 20 minutes penned the chart-topping worship song "Shout to the Lord."

"That was just a God deal," she says. "The song was around the world before it was ever recorded. I was receiving letters from people all over before I ever entered the studio."

That’s because many international visitors had heard her song at Hills Christian Life Centre in Sydney, Australia, where Zschech, 33, is worship director. It later was released on the record People Just Like Us. Though best known for "Shout to the Lord," Zschech is featured on nearly a dozen albums including Jump to the Jam; Friends in High Places: Touching Heaven, Changing Earth; and Shout to the Lord 2000, an audio and video project from Hosanna! Music.

Even with her full-time responsibilities as Hills’ worship director and as a mother of two (Amy, 9; Chloe, 6), Zschech and her husband, Mark, spend close to 100 days traveling and ministering.

"I really believe that God is restoring worship to His church all over the world in spirit and in truth," she says. "The spiritual temperature is certainly heating up, and I’ve heard of and been to hundreds of churches worldwide that say: ‘We were never a worshipping church, but the hunger for more of Christ has caused us to become one.’"

Reprinted by permission, Charisma.